7 Things Men Can Learn From Fifty Shades Of Grey

Ever heard of Fifty Shades Of Grey?

It’s a recent cultural phenomenon loved (and hated) by people of all ages.

And before I dive into it…

Yes, the books are terribly written.

Yes, the books were written as Twilight fan fiction.

Yes, the books romanticize certain damaging relationship habits.

And yes, the books represent a laughably unrealistic viewpoint of what kink/BDSM relationships look like.

BUT… to not try and learn something from a book series that so clearly hit a nerve on such a massive scale would be silly.

So here’s what you need to know… a virginal 21 year old student (Anastasia Steele) meets a super sexy/successful 27 year old billionaire (Christian Grey) who happens to take a liking to her. Christian also happens to like kinky sex. They like each other, they fight, they make up, they have a lot of kinky sex, they fall in love, the end.

Here’s the thing that you actually need to know…

The book sold over 100 million copies and was one of the most purchased books in the history of human beings. Why? Because the book tapped into something about human sexuality at the right time. What exactly did it tap into? The fact that a lot of women are sexually frustrated and want to live out explorative sexual fantasies with a leading character who they respond to.

And this is the reason why I had a brain-boner throughout the entire book… the way that the author portrayed Christian Grey was brilliant. Having studied attraction, romantic love, and psychology for the past decade, seeing what the author was layering into Christian was just so smart and culturally well timed.

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