Are the Books Better than the Movies?

When it comes to book vs. movie debates, they’re pretty much entirely biased. The people that read the book first would think that the movie was an utter disgrace. The people that saw the movie first will say that the book absolutely sucked. So, the argument becomes a slugfest and there’s no definitive outcome at the end. But, we’re here to provide that definitive answer. We’ll try our best to be completely unbiased, and we’ll provide legitimate reasons as to why we think that the movies were superior to the books.


Our Reasons on Why the Movies are Better


Reason 1:

In the book, Christian was so obsessed with the fact that Ana didn’t eat much. He constantly complained that Ana is too skinny. There are a couple of instances where he forced her to clean her plate before having sex with her. We don’t know about you, but we thank the movie guys for not replicating this aspect of the book because it’s a little weird.


Reason 2:

Reason 2 is quite obvious and you can understand this one without much elaboration. A big part of the Fifty Shades Franchise is its sex scenes. While the sex scenes were written well as compared to other books, E.L James couldn’t possibly compete with the sex scenes from the movie.


Reason 3:

Ana Steele character is a joy to watch in the movie. Dakota Johnson definitely did the character justice and the humor that Johnson expressed was something we didn’t expect from the book Ana. We strongly feel that a huge reason why people loved the movie was indeed Dakota Johnson’s mind-blowing imitation of the Steele Character.