So I thought about myself as I washed down a especially girthy realistic dildo about how my life, and my routine, has changed since becoming a reviewer. It was an exciting narrative of all the different things I do now, and I just had to share it with you! So, how has my life altered from sex toys? Let me count the methods to clean up gigantic penises that are disconnected. That’d be a nice starting point. Something I’ve certainly not done on a periodic basis before. I can’t say I hate it, it’s almost therapeutic to clean up extra. Although I’m sure that if I had guests over, they might be somewhat horrified to discover dildos in the dishwasher. Shrugs* Now it’s just so mundane for me, I can’t even worry about it. While we’re talking about washing and toys, let’s talk about laundry. So much laundry I have to wash now, it’s absurd! I’m talking about covers for bedsheets and sofa, you know. White stains smudged pillowcases and sheets soaking humid with juices of love. Yes, yes, that would be me. I’ve become a periodic squirter* blushes*, and it’s kind of an issue. Would I like compassion? No. Do I want a Fascinator Throe?  Oh yeah, yeah!
My purse’s contents differ radically from before I become a reviewer. Okay, first of all, I’ve got a bag! I was never a man with a “bag.” Honestly, because I was tired of cramming my pockets with shit, I lastly caved and purchased one. Let me just say, I’ve done the best I’ve ever accomplished! I managed to select the ideal absolute one to suit my character as well. Nice enough to be deemed dressy, but casual enough to wear anything. Very functional and full of discreet toys of my favorite! Every time I bring my Mia with me. It’s an extremely unassuming Lelo vibrator that looks rather like a big lipstick or mascara tube and appears to be a USB tool when you pull the cap off. My ultimate sidekick is this rechargeable beauty! Mia goes where I’m going. I tote around Lina as well, the vibrator that masks (and works!) as a pen. She’s wonderful to cross your list of groceries or to sign checks on the bank! Or whatever other operations you may have in mind. My Blue Speeding Bullet by Evolved Novelties is a strong little backup if Mia dies in the midst of fun. The (red) Just in Case doubles as a compact mirror and secret sexy storage for condoms, lube, or whatever else you might squeeze in! The Size Does Matter is a tiny red case, ideal for condoms, tiny bullets, or as a purse for change! Okay, so I don’t really own the last two, but as quickly as the next paycheck comes in, they’re as good as mine. > ;D And last but not least, the fundamental reason for the presence of a reviewer: to receive fun new toys in the mail. Okay, yeah!! For me, this is critical! I can’t tolerate repeatedly doing (or using) the same stuff. I’m getting extremely quickly bored. All that has altered since becoming a reviewer! It’s interesting every day, and every toy is new and distinct. The issue is not “Would you like sex now?”But rather,” he said, “How do you want sex?”There have opened up a million distinct opportunities. Making love each moment is fresh and exciting. Not just that, but it’s more enjoyable! I’m more open and willing about my requirements. I understand what’s fine, and I’m no longer scared to say it. Due to the confidence I acquired in myself and my capacity to please him, my connection with my partner enhanced. Sam himself is even becoming quite adventurous! On several times he assisted me test fresh toys without so much as a complaint! ^~* Also outside the bedroom I became more comfortable. I’m outgoing more and more, and less timid. I’m even considering working in a local sex shop to explore my fresh interest!
But there are also some disadvantages. I’m going through soap about 10x as quickly as a normal person, for example. But that’s a tiny sacrifice to pay in the long run for all the pleasurable advantages that have emerged from my fresh concern. It’s not just a hobby to be a sex toy reviewer, it’s a passion. This is an incredible sector that is innovative. One I hope for a nice portion of my life to stay in. Maybe I’m even going to follow a career here! Join a company, open my own shop, or even create my own line of products! Sex sells is the term on the road. I’m pretty willing to think from all I’ve seen so far. Society is becoming more and more open about sex. It’s a day-to-day fight, but we win, I understand it! I would definitely not love to be separate from the motion.