Clownin’ Around by The Bloggess

I lately received a very special award from SexIs, as some of you may or may not understand. The Bloggess, the insane outta control woman she is, took over SexIs Magazine for a week and gave away whimsical presents that some might consider. I remember a sparkling penis of vampires and a dildo of unicorn horns. Then the clown suit was there. Ah yes, the suit of the clown. See, The Bloggess made her first foray into Clown Porn’s globe. She was even kind enough to model a couple of distinct outfits. So, what did I do that week to win? Yeah, I’ve won a award. And what a reward it was, oh mom! Well, I’ve won this small, very sexy amount. It has frills, bows, and looks like somebody stole a blanket for a picnic and chose to wear it. This one-size-fits-your-all-family costume will surely scare little kids on Halloween, or at the grocery store on a regular basis.
Now, clowns aren’t exactly my personal fetish (although if they’re yours, I don’t judge you), but I thought it was best not to look in the… Well, no matter where you looked. So, in completely adopting this, um, fantastic gift, I went ahead and put together a couple of pictures of my costume modeling & a very snazzy purple wig. In The Bloggess ‘ own words, “Enjoy! (As much as you* can* appreciate an excessive clown costume, that is)’