Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

You can blame the common cold about how this whole movie comes into play.


Kate Kavanagh was supposed to be interviewing Christian Grey, but unfortunately for her, she ends up with a cold and That is where Anastasia Steele comes into play. If it wasn’t for Kate making a date with some soup and sleep, this whole story would have not happened.


Since Ana is a English major, it was only fitting that she go in place of Kate and use the questions that she prepared to ask. Ana being the person that she is, decided to do it and heads into Christians Office. She described him as clean. You can certainly tell that she was very intimidated by him. When she asked what does he do in his spare time, you can tell things are going to take a turn to the dark side in this area.


This is basically a movie that explores some of the darkest parts of a man’s sexuality. Poor Ana gives in to what he desires most, which is control in his life. Her lack of submissivity can be seen as a challenge, but it is a good challenge, as it allows Christian to finally find what he is searching for.


This is one movie that people don’t really understand unless they have read the books first. It often seems as if Christian is just some controlling and abusive jerk who wants to control everything about a woman who looks similar to his mother.


Overall, the movie is okay. It does hit some levels about what childhood abuse could do to a person.