Let Your Computer Charge Your Vibrators

It’s definitely no surprise that you can insert practically anything in your USB ports. Once the exclusive home of your portable hard drives, your ports can now be used to power desk water fountains, mini refrigerators, electric coffee mugs, and electronic cigarettes. But did you ever imagine that your ports can be used to charge your intimate pleasure toys? Now you can, as manufacturers of sex toys are taking advantage of the dependency of people on their computers.


Lelo Mia

A good example is the Mia USB vibrator. This super cute, rose pink vibrator is as small as your lipstick and can be stored discreetly inside your handbag or pocket. You can recharge it in your USB for two hours and you can use it for as long as four hours before the power drains. It comes with an extension cord so you can charge it on your USB whenever you want.


If a vibrating egg is what you need, then try the Y-Bullet, which you can also charge in your USB port. This small, discreet toy has variable speed controls so you can enjoy different vibrations minus the need for changing batteries.


Now how about letting your man control your vibrations…online? Yes, this is now possible with the Internet Enabled Rabbit. Your favorite Rabbit vibrator has taken this whole USB thing to the next level by allowing you to connect your vibe to your PC. You can control the speed and vibration of your Rabbit through your computer. The coolest part here is that you can connect your vibrator to the Internet and you can have another person who is online control the stimulating for you. This is perfect for those whose partners are far away; he can still pleasure you with the vibe even if he is thousands of miles away.