Little Black Dress

So I purchased my first true lingerie piece today!!! Dragged Sam to a local sex store and likely spent about an hour trying on various ensembles before lastly deciding on the first thing I picked out. It was a small chemise of black satin. All soft, sexy, smooth, silky. It fit, it made me feel good about myself, and it wasn’t a clown suit, most importantly. Don’t get me wrong, it was likely the sexiest clown suit I’ve ever worn (not that I’ve worn a lot of them), but I felt more humorous than’ come here.’ But wait! Wait! It wasn’t just shopping today. No, it’s also been an instructional outing. I discovered, for example, that shelf bra’s really are for females with larger boobs. I learned that while in theory fishnet panties appear to be a good idea, in practice they don’t perform so well. These confusing bustier sizes, I found out, actually go by bra size. I had an uncomfortable moment between myself and the salesman when she offered to assist me try on a corset (it seemed like a straight jacket). I touched a vibrant, open toy the clerk had behind her counter and had a short moment when I wondered if it was used. And best of all, I got to see the Ina closely in all three colors and found that I really love it in the green, which in person isn’t as ugly as it is online. All in all, a fantastic day.