What to do if you have mismatched sex drives

This is a tough one because it’s such a sensitive issue.  There’s plenty of advice out there such as:



The truth is there isn’t much you can do.  I know they’ll say make your partner feel comfortable, make them feel sexy etc. but the truth is that some people have higher sex drives than others.  Sure, you can be healthier, feel better, take certain pills, use vibrators, wear sexy lingerie but at the end of the day a mismatched sex drive is exactly that.  It’s simple, some people want more sex than others.


The solution


So what can you do about it?  Like almost everything in life, prevention is better than a cure.  Sex is a really important part of life and if you don’t want to spend your life sexually frustrated pick a partner who has about the same sex drive as you do.  Nothing will ever be perfect but that doesn’t mean you should spend your life sexually frustrated.  It’s not selfish for wanting to be sexually fulfilled.  Society tells us that we are selfish if we don’t look at other factors in a relationship like how caring the person it etc.  The fact is, you need sexual chemistry as well.