Review of Fantasy Gag

Fantasy Gag

Look, it’s a dick head! Isn’t it just bringing you back to your most raw, wild fantasies? As ought to be! After all, with such lust, this is the Fantasy Gag that you’re eying. I realized that I had to have it the first time I saw it. I have an obsession: part oral fixation, and part phallic appearance love of all stuff. So, of course, a toy that just had to be mine to incorporate my two most primal wishes. In a clamshell case, the fantasy tag comes with the Tantus logo on the front and the phrases “Silicone Fantasy Gag; Satisfy Your Oral Fix.” A rubber band holds the penis-shaped plug-style gag above two leather straps. A thin piece of cardboard describes your fresh plaything stuff & care.

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About the fantasy gag

As I said, the straps are leather, on one side two metal buttons and on the other a velcro strip. Let’s just stop for a second and ask the question that all of us are dying to learn the response to: ReallyTantus, why Velcro? The velcro closure makes this gag simple to remove as a cherry pie, but it also snags hair, draws fuzz, and will not suit those with a throat that is too big or too tiny. * Sighs* Okay, okay. You’ve chosen to put on it velcro. I can live, I’m going to do it. But you couldn’t placed more velcro on it? Personally, because my neck is so tiny (or maybe the straps are just so big?), I had problems getting this to remain on or near completely. I’m digressing anyway. Just thread the snap ends of the straps through the slits on either side of your gag and snap into location to attach the straps to your gag. Before cleaning, Tantus indicates you remove the straps, but once you get them on, they’re a bit hard to take off.

Fantasy Gag
Fantasy Gag


The strap

The strap itself is 2 3/4 inches of sexy black silicone that can be inserted to shove deep down your neck, or just let your tongue rest softly. This is a big, filling toy at 1 5/8′′ in diameter that mimics the feeling of providing head without being uncomfortable. Wait, scratch that last part. Maybe I’ve got a little jaw, maybe I’m just unused to feel something strange stuffed in my mouth, but every time I wear this gag, it’s left me sore. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the feeling of a big jet black dick stabbing me in the back of my throat, I can’t tolerate the pain it brings with it my jaw. I also have a virgin’s gag reflex, but I’m learning to overcome the need to yack after a few sessions with the Fantasy Gag. A base at the bottom of the cap snugly fits over the lips / general mouth area of the wearer and is supposed to facilitate this for a beginner. Because it’s so filling, its wearer’s words are easily muffled, but it won’t totally discourage screaming or moans. The silicone is smooth, but firm, and is going to stand up to whatever biting you do to throw your way. Just to check its durability, I bit down for inspection as hard as I could physically and removed it. The gag was left undamaged, except where my teeth had been for some tiny, practically unnoticeable indents. I was, to tell the least, thrilled and glad. So with this beautiful thing, bite, chew, suck, and screw your mouth. You won’t damage any of it.

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What’s it made out of?

Consisting of 100% silicone food grade, this toy is hypo-allergenic, non-porous, and free of phthalates and latex. It doesn’t have any taste or smell, which is great, because who wants a smelly, poor toy placed in their mouth? Not I. It’s easy to clean up. Remove the straps (if possible) and wash with hot water and soap. The silicone gag can also be boiled for 3-5 minutes or wiped with a 10 percent bleach solution. Do NOT immerse the straps of leather in water. Please do so with either a wet rag or a leather cleaner if you feel the need to clean them. Be sure to be totally dry before storing all components of your gag. Keep out of the light in an equally dry location.

Fantasy Gag
Fantasy Gag


Fantasy Gag Summary

Okay, I’m sure you can say right now that this gag didn’t live up to my high expectations precisely. It was my first gag, and while I liked it, it wasn’t comfortable to wear while it was appealing and enjoyable. It hasn’t worked for me, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work for you. I would also like to point out that while I’m not going to continue to use this as a gag, I’m going to use it differently. I tried playing with the gag without attaching the straps, and I must say that I preferred this technique a lot. I can regulate how long I have in my mouth, and I can suck and play with it more freely. I also liked fucking my partner from behind and fucking my mouth with this toy at the same time, fulfilling one of my biggest fantasies. I think you could say that the Fantasy Gag and I have a love / hate connection that I hope can develop into pure pleasure with time.

Eden Fantasys given this item free of charge in return for an unbiased evaluation.

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