Review of Onye

Redefined beauty

Ah, there’s Onye. Redefined beauty. Made of silicone pink child and shimmering white plastic, it is truly incarnate elegance. Onye is an amazing Big Teaze Toys “discreet” vibrator. It feels like a gigantic pill, or a heavy tampon, much more beautiful than that. Powerful, tingly vibrations create this a great clitoral atmosphere. It’s also powerful enough to be felt by clothing if you’re in the mood of being a little naughty and teasing yourself or a loved one. It is not designed for profound insertion due to its tiny size. But for shallow penetration, it’s totally delicious! Insert Onye and let it work its magic as far as the silicone group! I would suggest against using this for anal play because of its absence of a flared base. Everything in your ass would be too simple to lose. The body of Onye is smooth and silky to the touch, making it great for both beginners and sophisticated users. It’s quite quiet, and it would be a great toy for traveling or living together. There’s fun to have as long as you have some batteries on side.

I wanted this toy to love. I’ve really done that. It’s sweet, strong and readily fits in your hand’s palm. It offers a broad range of fun to have with eight distinct kinds of vibration (3 speeds and 5 modes). It comes in a lovely white and pink box that matches the toy’s colors and contains a white case with black satin lining to store it with. And yet, I couldn’t just take it to myself. It just didn’t please me, despite its seductive design and beautiful presentation. Don’t get me wrong, it has beautifully thuddy, strong vibrations, but it didn’t get me anywhere for all its strength! I think my problem with this is the design itself. Shaped like a big, sturdy tampon, at the ends it is fully rounded. This made the vibrations, as powerful as they were, diffused and difficult to direct where I wanted them. There’s just no stimulation pinpoint! That’s why I always use it as a warm-up instrument. Great for preliminaries, but never the primary event.