Wave Wand Review

Isn’t that just beautiful? What are you asking? Why WHK GmbH’s Wave Wand! A classic dildo style with a bit of extra texture. The complete length of the Wave wand is 7′′, 5 1/2′′ insertable, & 1′′ in diameter. One end features a big bulb, while three lower, soft “waves” form the shaft. This toy is made of tempered glass and is non-porous, hypo-allergenic, free of pthalates and latex. It has no flavor or smell, and can be sterilized with a partner for secure use or for orifice switching. Yes, you’ve heard me, in your ass you can stick this. Just make sure to use the smaller end, as a adequate handle is made by the big bulb.

Wave Wand
Wave Wand

So, for what’s that nice?

Virtually anything! It makes an incredible dildo, with notable ease efficiently hitting the g-spot. If needed, you can even angle it to apply more stress to your g-spot (somewhat similar to a joystick). My favourite use of the bigger end is to stimulate the clitoral. Locating & stimulating your clit without too much slip-sliding around it is large enough. I still have to test this anally because I have a virginal ass and I’m honestly terrified to stick anything up there without first administering a whole lotta lube (unfortunately, I’m lube-less). But due to its tiny size and simple insertion, I would have to say that for even the smallest booty, this would likely be great. Oh yeah, have I mentioned that? Because the wand is made of tempered glass, touching and gliding gracefully into whatever body hole you choose to stick it is extremely soft. It’s also very firm (duh, it’s glass), so it understands not only how to locate your g-spot, but how to treat it as well. Okay, so maybe you’re not going to be happy with all the size queens out there, but I’m sure it’s like hell! Do you understand the relief of owning such a easy, beautiful, tiny toy? Even Sam, totally horrified by any stature vibrators or dildos approaching his girly parts, has attempted this one out a few times. It’s a ideal toy for a beginner (ergo Sam), or for those who need a bit of warm-up before they strap on the large weapons (aka me).

A good vibrator to use would be the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl.


  • Extra long 3 meter cord for professional use
  • 3 x extra large barrels (32mm)
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 18-month warranty
  • Adjustable temperature between 80°C & 210°C
  • 360-degree swivel and tangle-free cord, non-slip handle, and insulated barrel tips to provide safety.
  • Made of high-grade crystal powder tourmaline ceramic glaze
  • Universal voltage (110V-220V) perfect for international travel
  • Instant heat-up
Wave Wand
Wave Wand

But wait, there is more!

Let’s heat stuff up a little bit, or cool them down as it might be. Let me say it again. Tempered glass can be heated or cooled securely and the temperature will remain! It’s just so nifty. Now I don’t suggest you throw this in the freezer or attempt to microwave it, heaven forbid. Both of them are enormous no – no’s! Extreme changes in temperature like the above are most probable to break, shatter, or otherwise harm your wand. That’s not what we want! It’s such a funny, beautiful little toy. So how do we get all the fun of playing temperature to our sensitive little buddy without any risk? Methods that are less extreme. It runs under hot water to heat it, being aware of not burning your lower areas, of course! You can do the same but cold water to cool down, or leave it in the fridge for a few minutes. Strangely enough, I discovered that I enjoy more than warm cold sensations. I can’t figure out the reason honestly, but the feeling of the cold glass gently caressing my breasts, legs, labia. Mm, it’s just giving me chills to think about it!

Make sure you understand how to use a vibrator on your girlfriend before going too difficult.

With antibacterial soap and hot water, or your favourite toy cleaner, wash the Wave Wand after you had your fun. Would you like to sterilize this for a partner or alternative orifice sharing? Simply boil for 10 minutes, throw it on the top shelf with no soap in the dishwasher, or soak it in a 10% bleach solution. Always inspect this toy before each use for cracks or dings. Do NOT use it if it’s harmed. This toy is compatible with lubes based on petroleum, water, and silicone. So feed your hearts with lubricating! Despite being so incredibly smooth, you don’t have to practically. Store in a dry, secure place where you probably won’t clank around.


How does it rate against other vibrators?

The Wave Wand is always a favorite, my cabinet keeps the Wave Wand for comfort. It is likely, and with excellent reason, my most frequently used toy. It is perfect thanks to its easy design and tiny size. It’s the narrowest, smoothest thing I possess, and I find myself almost daily reaching for it. When pushing, the waves provide a marvelous feeling that is not distracting or painful. I enjoy it’s textured, but not so extremely textured that it offsets the inexperienced. It’s incredible to use it alone or begin stuff slowly and prolong your play. For when I’m preparing for bigger playthings, it’s my go-to warm up toy. It’s friendly, discreet, and possibly the greatest multi-functional instrument I’ve seen before. Take your boogie board and enter your suit. You’re in for a wet and wild ride, no matter how you play!

Wave Wand
Wave Wand

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