The Sex in Fifty Shades of Grey

Let’s start out saying that there are people out there who may be into this sort of play. Overall, this twisted love story really has a lot of people thinking about spicing up things in their own bedroom without really knowing what to do. They try to copy what is being done, only to end up hurting themselves or their partner.


The sex in this movie is not even respectable or worthy. There is so much in this movie that should not even be mentioned. It is safe to say that Ana who happens to be a virgin, spends much of her screen time being naked. Christian also trades in that amazing suit and tie for ripped jeans and birthday suit. These two end up having sex more than 5 times where the movements and sounds are really explicit, repeated and prolonged.


To just add to this sexual cake, their whole relationship is actually based on a sadomasochism and bondage. It is extreme enough that there needs to be a nondisclosure agreement before anything happens. Christian and Ana discuss their sexual behavior and even expectations in a contract that goes on to be considered too detailed and graphic. There are even references to necrophilia and prostitution.


The sad part is that he just wants sex to be just sex, no attachments. He doesn’t want Ana touching him, and it is safe to say that Christian’s narcissistic and violent approach to sex, has been suggested that it comes from abuse that he suffered in early childhood and sexual abuse as a teen.