Why Sex Toys Make Great Gifts

Giving gifts can be easy for a lot of people, since they can just pick something that the receiver likes or wants to have. These are usually clothes, shoes, perfume, jewelry, books and other seemingly innocent and proper items that are safe to give. But if you really want to give the receiver a jolly good time, why not break away from tradition and give sex toys instead?

Admittedly, not everyone is open to giving or receiving sex toys. Some people will find it offensive to make sex toys as gifts to their family or friends. But if you and the receiver both have an open mind, consider making sex toys as gifts for special occasions. If you are giving a gift for your best friend or partner, here are some things to keep in mind:

Give your gift in private. Do not even think of letting your friend open the package while other people are watching, especially in a family setting. Imagine if her grandma saw this huge dildo when she opened the box. Or if there is no way to give the gift to her in private, let her know that the package is for her eyes only and she should open it later.

If your receiver is not used to getting a sex toy, you can opt for something discreet and elegant instead. There are vibrators and dildos that don’t look like sex toys. You can try getting those toys from Lelo, known for creating the most beautiful toys in the market.

You could also give the gift of sexual knowledge such as how to ride better…